11/? of Sungmin in MVs and performances.

11 - Sorry Sorry Answer, featuring his beautiful piano playing skills.

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Kyuhyun teaser “This is love&Evanesce”

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“If I take off my clothes, there will be society problems”: Kyuhyun

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(ENG SUB) (HD )Super Junior The 7th Album ‘MAMACITA’ Music Video Event!! - SJ T-shirts event

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reasons to love ryeowook: his love for super junior members

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 cr: DreaMINight_晚安李晟敏 | do not edit.

cr: DreaMINight_晚安李晟敏 | do not edit.

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[Fanacc] 141018 Sungmin kept standing on the stage during the end, until he was brought in by other member cr: 言域今生

picture cr: 奶油_宝贝李晟敏

Can you see it though?

How he is so stubborn and don’t want to leave. How he doesn’t want to take his eyes of the fans who are still supporting him. How much he loves them. How his eyes are glazed.. How Ryeowook had to pull him away from the stage to make him leave.

He truly do care about us.

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so handsome ><

 KBS 뮤직뱅크